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The Arrogant Colleague 2 Full Version

Ivy, Bianca and Pinky are three co-workers. Pinky is an arrogant, careerist and disrespectful employee towards the other colleagues, so Ivy and Bianca decide to give her a punishment. With leather pants and leather gloves on, they break into her apartment and wait her arrival, hidden behind the wardrobe in the bedroom.

When Pinky comes back and reaches the bedroom, Ivy and Bianca grabs her and start fighting. Bianca puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, while Ivy holds her arms. Pinky struggles, but slowly falls asleep.

Ivy and Bianca lift and carry her on the bed. Ivy starts tying her up with the ropes, while Bianca strips her to underwear. When Pinky wakes up, Ivy ties up her wrists too, while Bianca keeps her handgagged.

Now Pinky can't move, so the two co-workers begin the punishment. While one of them keeps her handgagged and handsmothers her, the other one hits her with punches, kicks and slaps. They continues this game for several minutes, then Ivy puts a stuff inside her mouth, gags and blindfolds her with the tape and finally puts a pair of pantyhose over her head. With the arrogant colleague reduced in that way, they continue to mock and handsmother her. Bianca pushes a foot over her mouth and nose too.

Bianca and Ivy takes off pantyhose, gag and blindfold from Pinky's face, but Ivy puts the chloro cloth over her mouth again. Pinky struggles, makes muffled screams and keeps her eyes wide open, before fainting.

The two co-workers decide to play with the arrogant Pinky for the last time. Ivy ties a rope around her neck and pulls it, strangling her. Pinky starts gasping for air, keeps her eyes wide open and coughs. Bianca puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, combining it with a very hard strangulation. They have no mercy and continues until the end.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Bianca, Pinky
Time 30:22
Size 2202 MB
Format MP4

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