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Pinky breaks into Rey's house, looking for a sophisticated software called "Blue Prints". She has to steal and give it to her boss, in exchange for a very good reward. She searches inside the drawers in the kitchen and when she understands there is nothing there, she sits on the couch and waits.

Rey comes back and Pinky immediately points the gun to her head. She starts interrogating her about the Blue Prints and Rey tolds her she doesn't know anything about it. Pinky sits over her knees and menaces her, strangling her with a bare hand and keeping the gun over her head with the other one. She throws her to the ground and tramples her with the leather boot. She sits over her face and keeps the ass over it, smothering her with a tight facesitting position.

Pinky puts down the gun to the floor and Rey reacts. The two women starts fighting, often grabbing each other by the hair and tugging. After some minutes on the floor, they move to the couch, where Rey puts an arm around Pinky's neck and with a tight sleeperhold grip, she keeps it until Pinky passes out.

Rey ties Pinky on the table leg. Finally she points the gun to her and thinks about the fate of the intruder...

Models: Pinky, Rey
Time 26.32
Size 1925 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €14.99