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The Bodyguard

Gianluca is on the couch, when someone knocks on the door. Jade enters the house, holding a gun and tells him she is an agent hired to protect him and that his life is in danger. He understands the gravity of the situation and agrees to let her stay with him.

While Jade checks the house to make sure there are no intruders, Pinky, a criminal woman hired to kill Gianluca and steal his chip, breaks into the house from the living room window and starts searching in the drawers. When Jade reaches the room, Pinky grabs her from behind and puts a belt around her neck. Jade struggles and kicks, while Pinky drags her to the couch and starts strangling her without mercy. Gianluca is in the bedroom and he can hear them. He is so scared, because he doesn't know a way to escape.

Pinky strangles Jade until her end. Then she reaches the bedroom and points the gun to Gianluca. She starts strangling him with her gloved hands, but he manages to react and turns the situation in his favor. He grabs her neck with his bare hands and strangles her until the end.

Models: Pinky, Jade, Gianluca
Time 12:11
Size 943 MB
Format MP4

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