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The Boss Full Version

Gianluca is a criminal boss who just called hitwoman Marlena for a interview. She tells him what she can do for him. He thinks she is a good talker, but words are nothing and he wants facts. He asks her for a demonstration and he offers himself as a volunteer.

He takes a cloth and a small bottle and gives them to her. He asks her if she already put to sleep someone with chloroform and she replies yes. She pours the chloroform on the cloth and puts it over his mouth and nose. Gianluca struggles and she keeps the cloth until he passes out.

Marlena slaps Gianluca's face until he wakes up. He thinks this is not enough for a valid demonstration, so he asks her how she smothers someone. She puts a hand over his mouth and nose and holds his breath. She continues handsmothering him several times, using both hands and keeping them for long time.

He is not satisfied, because hitwomen who already work for him were better than her. Marlena decides to push her hands over his mouth and nose harder than before, without mercy. She keeps them for long time, because she wants proving to herself that she is a very good hitwoman. 

Marlena pushes her ass over his mouth and nose, smothering him with a full weight facesitting. She continues this action several times, then she lets him breathe.

He tells her she can do more, because he knows some hitwomen who are better than her. This makes her more competitive, so she sits over his face again and continues her hard facesitting smother. This time she has no mercy and keeps her ass and pussy over his mouth and nose for long time.

The boss Gianluca is satisfied of the performance of the hitwoman Marlena and he thinks a woman like her has always wear a pair of gloves during a task.

Marlena decides to play with him again and puts a pair of white surgical gloves. She puts her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose and pushes them very tightly, so he can't breathe. She smothers him in different ways, like sitting astride over his chest and from behind. She continues the handsmother action for several minutes and this makes the boss very proud to has hired her.

Marlena doesn't want working for him, so she takes a cellophane wrap and puts it around his head and face. Then she puts her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose, so he has no air and can't breathe. She continues suffocating him until the end.


The Boss Episode 1 (Bare Hand Over Mouth Part)

The Boss Episode 2 (Facesitting Part)

The Boss Episode 3 (Gloved Hand Over Mouth Bagging Part)

Models: Marlena, Gianluca
Time 51:57
Size 3768 MB
Format MP4

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