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The Doctor Full Version

Jessy Jey is on the couch, when a man in surgical mask and surgical gloves appears behind her and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Jessy struggles and makes muffled screams, while the man keeps her handgagged. After one minute, the man tells her who is and she calms down.

He is Lele, a doctor and her friend. She tells him this prank scared her, but at the same time she found it very funny, so she asks him if he continues with this game, but in a more erotic way.

Lele keeps Jessy handgagged with a gloved hand again and sometimes he pinches her nose too, handsmothering her. He uses the other hand to grope her breasts and pussy and to spank her ass.

The game continues and Lele matches her strong handgag/handsmother domination by fingering her pussy for some minutes before, then by fucking her with a big dildo. Jessy always makes muffled screams under the gloved hands and at the same time she is very excited to be fucked in that way.

When the game finishes, Jessy tells to her friend she has been very satisfied. Lele replies the game is not finished yet and tells her to close her eyes. He ties a belt around her neck and pulls it, strangling her. Now Jessy is no longer excited and satisfied, but very scared and gasps for air, keeping her mouth and her eyes wide open.

Jessy wakes up on the couch and talks with Lele. She tells him she doesn't remember what happened exactly; she remembers the were just having sex and Lele confirm. Then he proposes her to continue doing what they were doing before and she approves.

Lele tells to Jessy to get on doggy-style position and he starts fucking her. Jessy likes so much this sex game and moans loud, so Lele keeps her handgagged tight, with surgical gloves on. This fucking action continues for several minutes and Lele often handgags and sometimes handsmothers Jessy, covering her nose too and holding her breath.

The male domination doesn't stop and Lele continues fucking Jessy, this time in missionary position. When he does it, he keeps Jessy handgagged again and sometimes he strangles her with his gloved hand or keeps her both strangled and handgagged. This is quite hard for Jessy, altough she enjoys so much being smothered and fucked hard by a dominant man at the same time.

When the couple finishes having sex, Jessy tells to Lele she loved so much the game. Lele proposes her to close the eyes for the final surprise, but he grabs her from behind and puts his both gloved hands over her mouth and nose suffocating her. Jessy now is very scared and struggles. She tries to escape, but Lele grabs her again and continues handsmothering her without mercy, until her end.


The Doctor (Episode 1)

The Doctor (Episode 2)

Models: Lele Garbo, Jessy Jey
Time 40:18
Size 2918 MB
Format MP4

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