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The Intruder

Janelle has just been captured by a man in balaclava and leather gloves, who drags her in the living room, keeping her handgagged and groping her big breasts. The man wants to see Janelle who fingers her pussy, so he takes off her pants. She doesn't want, so he holds her breath with a tight handsmother grip. She changes idea.

The man keeps Janelle handgagged and gropes her breasts, while he sees her who masturbates herself with her long fingers. Sometimes he handsmothers and squeezes her neck with gloved hands.

The man takes off his pants and forces Janelle to give him a handjob. He continues keeping her handgagged tightly, because this makes him excited. The woman can only grab his dick and satisfy his perverse desire, without saying any word.

The gloved handgag + handjob action continues until the end, when the man cums and soakes her body with his liquid. Then he goes away, leaving Janelle on the couch.

Models: Janelle
Time 14:35
Size 1065 MB
Format MP4

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