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Models Laurie and Sarah in a new fantastic adventure.

Laurie is crazy for latex clothes. She decides to make a surprise to her friend Sarah, entering in the apartment with a full latex catsuit.

When she reaches the bedroom, she pulls out a white rag and a bottle of chloroform from the handbag. Her intention is put to sleep poor Sarah with the anesthetic substance.

Sarah arrives. She can't see Laurie, because she is hidden behind the door. The poor girl feels the smelly rag over her mouth. After some seconds, she understands that Laurie is chloroforming her.

A long fight between two girls. Laurie keeps her hand over Sarah's mouth, forcing her to smell the vapours. The fight continues, until Sarah passes out.

The female latex maniac takes advantage of new slave's body, while she is sleeping. It's time to tie Sarah on the chair with duct tape, wearing the black latex gloves.

Slave wakes up. Mistress thinks it's very funny try to smother Sarah with hands. She starts keeping quiet her, with a gloved hand over mouth.

The game continues. Laurie is pressing her hand over Sarah's mouth firmly. Slave is very scared so she tries to scream but she can say only "mmmmmmmh".

Laurie wants more, so she pinches Sarah's nose too, for prevent her to breath. Slave is suffering a lot, because she is totally close. Mistress keeps her gloved hand until Sarah passes out again.

After a brief knock out with cloroform, Laurie wants to gag her slave with duct tape and smother her with a nylon bag.

Sarah is very tired. She feels an annoying headache, because Mistress knocked out her a lot of times. Nonetheless, she breaks free, getting up from the chair.

Laurie realizes Sarah is trying to escape, so she decides to finish her. On the bed, with a sensual dominant pose, She puts the gloved hand over her mouth and nose.

There is no escape for the poor slave. Latex maniac continues to handsmother her and waits until Sarah dies.

Models: Laurie,Sarah
Time 22:10
Size 311 MB
Format MP4