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The Prototype

Grace is chatting on the phone. Someone knocks at the door. Gianluca enters the living room and sits next to her, on the couch. He explains her he finally completes the development of CYRYX device and it is active now. She asks to him if she can view it and he shows it to her. She asks him if someone knows this too and he replies they are the only ones. Grace waits for him to turn away and when she does it, she puts a rope around his neck and starts strangling him. He struggles and kicks, but she is quite strong and waits for his end. She then calls the agent Maat at the phone and explains her the job has been done.

She goes to the bedroom, but she is not alone. An unknown agent in balaclava and leather gloves, grabs her from behind and throws her to the floor. He strangles her with the gloved hands, while she gasps for air and struggles. He also has no mercy and continues strangling her until the end.

Some minutes later, agent Maat breaks into the house, holding a gun. She understands something went wrong and takes a look in the various rooms. When she reaches the bedroom, she finds the limp body of Grace and now she is certain it is a trap. She tries to leave the house, but the same agent grabs her from behind and puts a belt around her neck. She struggles and he drags her, causing her to fall to the ground. He continues strangling her with the belt, while she kicks and gasps for air. This is the end for her too.

Models: Lady Maat, Grace, Gianluca
Time 13:46
Size 1055 MB
Format MP4

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