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The Revenge Of Lovers

Matilde gets to know her husband Gianluca has a clandestine relationship with their young friend Mali. Both women get upset when they get to know this, so they decide to give him a punishment.

Gianluca enters the room and surprised, sees Mali and Matilde together. He asks them what are they doing there, but the women catch him and throws him on the floor. They put their stinky feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose, making him to smell them and pushing them tight. Gianluca begs his lovers to let him go, but they don't listen to him and continue their punishment.

After a hard foot smelling and smother, the two women drags the poor man on the couch and continue pushing their feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose. Mali has no mercy and rubs her foot very tight, making him feel pain and sometimes she hits his cock with the heel of the other one.

Mali and Matilde use the ass to smother him.

Mali sits over his face and pushes her pantyhose ass tight, making a hard and painful full weight facesitting.

Two women change their roles, so Gianluca has to bear the ass of her wife Matilde and Mali sits over his crotch. While they smother him, they have fun kissing each other. Gianluca can only make muffled screams.

The lovers change their roles again, so Gianluca has to stay under the pussy and the ass of Mali, who has no mercy and smothers him hard with them, while Matilde is over his crotch and makes fun of him, talking about his cock.

Matilde and Mali drag Gianluca on the couch and starts smothering him with their gloved hands. Mali keeps him tightly handgagged and strangles him. Then his wife Matilde covers his mouth and nose with both gloved hands, handsmothering him.

When Gianluca can't breathe under the gloved hands of his sadistic wife, Mali pushes her both gloved hands tight over his neck. Sometimes she slaps his face. Both women continue this sadistic game for several minutes, changing their poses.

Finally they decide to finish him. Mali takes a plastic bag and puts it over his head. Matilde pulls it and puts a hand over his mouth and nose, to be sure he can't breathe. The poor husband gasps for air, but they keep the bag until the end.


Under Feet Of Lovers (Foot Smelling In Pantyhose Part)

Under The Ass Of Lovers (Facesitting Part)

Smothered By Lovers (Hand Over Mouth Bagging Part)

Models: Mali, Matilde, Gianluca
Time 41:40
Size 3021 MB
Format MP4

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