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The Rich Step Mother

Lilith is on the sofa. Her step mother Samantha is a hateful and rich woman. When she comes back to home, she places a bottle of wine she previously received as a gift on the table. She tells to her step daughter not touching it and begins to provoke and humiliate her. The woman goes to her room and Lilith fantasizes about killing her. She imagines different scenarios.

Samantha comes back to home and orders to Lilith to massage her feet in pantyhose. She does it, but after a while, she leaves the room. She comes back and puts a chloro cloth over the step mother face. Samantha struggles before slowly passing out. Lilith ties her up and kisses her feet. Samantha wakes up and she ties a stockings around her neck, pulling it. The step daughter strangles the step mother without mercy.

Samantha is on the couch and tells to Lilith she wants a cup of tea. Lilith prepares it and pours the somniferous in it. Samantha drinks the tea and tells to Lilith to massage and kiss her feet. The step mother feels something strange in her and slowly passes out. When she wakes up, Lilith inject the poison on her with a syringe and stay there to see the step mother longed-for end.

Samantha is on the bed. Lilith prepares a cup of tea and pours the poison in it. Then she goes to the bedroom. Samantha drinks the tea and after a while, the poison takes effect. Samantha, terrified, puts her hands around the neck, breathing more and more deeply. The amused step daughter observes the scene with satisfaction while she kisses/smells the victim's feet and waits until her death.

Lilith, to celebrate, drinks a glass of wine from the bottle given to her step mother, but she doesn't know there is the poison in it. She lays down on th bed, next to the corpse of her step mother, waiting to meet the same end.

Models: Lilith, Samantha
Time 27:05
Size 2089 MB
Format MP4

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