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Laura and Stella are two close friends who work for a spy agency. They are on the couch and while they are talking in a friendly way, they takes off their clothes, remaining in underwear. Laura takes off her bra too.

Suddenly the mood of the conversation changes. Laura accuses Stella to have leaked some important informations about their company. Stella denies everything, so they start arguing loudly.

After speaking, they take action. They start fighting on the carpet, using the following moves: hair grab, punches, kicks, scissorhold, fingers over eyes, sleeperhold, strangulation, bites and pillow smother. The catfight continues for several minutes, where Stella appears to be the stronger, but finally Laura has the upper hand and Stella is stretched out on the carpet, with the foot of the rival over her chest.

Convinced she had knocked Stella out of action, Laura starts putting on her clothes, but Stella takes a rope and stands up. She grabs Laura from behind and pulls the rope around her neck. She keeps it tight, showing aggression on his face, while Laura struggles, tries to remove the rope and gasps for air, keeping her eyes wide open. Stella has no mercy and continues strangling Laura until her end.

Models: Stella, Laura
Time 24:46
Size 1792 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €14.99