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Thief Or Mistress

Bad girl this time is dressed like a thief. She puts on her long black leather gloves and pours the chloroform on the rag.

She moves slowly, so woman who is reading a magazine on the couch can't hear her.

Bad girl surprises woman from behind, putting the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. She waits, keeping the gloved hand and cloth until woman passes out.

She strips and ties her victim, while she is sleeping.

When woman wakes up, bad girl handgags her. She is not a thief, but a mistress who loves to dominate other women. She knocks out the victim again.

Woman is forced to smell and worship her feet. Bad girl tries her new technique: strangling a slave. She puts her gloved hands around woman's neck and waits until she passes out again.

Models: Gisy
Time 18:11
Size 404 MB
Format MP4

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