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Tickled And Smothered

Sahrye and Morgan are playing with cell phones. Sahrye grabs Morgan and puts a hand over her mouth. Then she puts the other one over her nose, holding her breath. Morgan struggles, but handsmother grip of Sahrye is very tight. Morgan faints.

Sahrye ties up Morgan with ropes. When she wakes up, Sahrye starts tickling her bare feet. Morgan laughs so loud, because she suffers it. Sahrye continues her tickling torture, keeping Morgan handgagged.

The bad woman takes the duct tape. She gags Morgan with it, then she puts a piece over her nose, so Morgan can't breath under it. Sahrye has fun to see her poor rival suffocating under the tape. This is the end for Morgan.

Models: Sahrye, Morgan Del Ray
Time 15.18
Size 349 MB
Format MP4

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