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Two Spies In The Same Place (Full Version)

Persefone and Mayla are two spies who work for two different companies. Their respective bosses coincidentally sent them to the same house, to recuperate an old hard drive with very important informations. Only one can take it.

Persefone grabs Mayla from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Mayla falls to the ground and starts fighting. Persefone sits over her face and smothers her with the ass. Mayla reacts and attacks with a sleeperhold grip and putting a gloved hand over Persefone's mouth and nose. Then she sits over her face, as she previously did to her.

The fight between the two spies turns in favor of Persephone. She uses the following techniques to overpower the rival: scissorhold, camel clutch + handsmother, facesitting, headscissors + handsmother. When Mayla is enough weak, she takes a bottle with chloroform and a rag in a drawer (she notices them when she was looking for the hard drive). She puts Mayla to sleep with chloroform.

Persefone ties Mayla up on the chair with ropes. Then she slowly puts on the black leather gloves again and since she is a sadistic hitwoman too, she begins to play with her rival. She puts a gloved hand over Mayla's mouth and nose, staying behind her. She does this handsmother action several times, using both hands too. She sits over Mayla's knees and continues smothering her, putting both gloved hands around her neck, pushing a hand over her neck and the other one over her mouth and nose or both hands over her mouth and nose.

Persefone pours the chloroform on the rag again and puts Mayla to sleep for the second time. Then she puts a clear plastic bag over her head, keeping it tight around her face. Mayla struggles, kicks and gasps for air. Persefone has no mercy and continues suffocating her until the end.

Models: Persefone, Mayla
Time 38:31
Size 2970 MB
Format MP4

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