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Under Leather Woman Control

Kelly Kane is running toward her apartment. A misterious woman dressed in black, with balaclava and black leather gloves, is following her.

The woman reaches Kelly near the entrance door and grabs her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with a chloro cloth. Kelly struggles and tries to remove the cloth, but she is forced to smell the chloroform. The woman keeps it until Kelly passes out.

Kelly is tied up and gagged to the couch. Masked woman takes off her black leather boots, showing her feet, covered with a pair of stockings. She puts both feet over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them.

The woman removes her balaclava, she is..... She starts fondling her face and puts both gloved hands over her mouth and nose handsmothering her. She does it many times, because she has fan to see victims can't breath. After a long gloved hand over mouth game, she puts both hands around Kelly's neck, keeping them tight. The strangulation action continues until the end of clip, when Kelly passes out.

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Models: Jacquelyn Velvets, Kelly Kane
Time 14:00
Size 312 MB
Format MP4

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