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Wager For The Apartment

Ivy is talking at the phone with Bianca. They talk about the apartment Ivy is in. She tells her it is not nice, but Bianca doesn't trust her and want to see it.

Bianca reaches the apartment and understands Ivy lied to her because she wants keeping it only for her. The reason is the apartment is quite small and only one tenant can stay there. Ivy and Bianca decide to fight for it.

Bianca pushes Ivy to the wall, then she throws her on the bed, sits over her, hold her arms with legs and puts a hand over her mouth and nose tight. She starts keeping her quiet and smother her at the same time, while Ivy, gasping for air, tries to break free. Bianca uses her both hands to gag and smother Ivy, pushing them for long time and using different positions, like sitting over her, a camel clutch grip and standing up against the wall. Bianca then ties Ivy up to the chair with duct tape and handsmothers her again.

Ivy manages to break free and after a brief fight, she throws Bianca to the bed. Now she can do what Bianca did to her. She smothers her several times with a single and both hands and with similar positions Bianca used with her. She continues for several minutes, then she ties Bianca to the chair with duct tape and handsmothers her again.

Ivy wins the fight, so the apartment will be hers. She takes the phone and record a video where Bianca, albeit disappointed, declares she leaves the apartment to Ivy.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Bianca
Time 24:31
Size 1772 MB
Format MP4

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