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This is the continuation of Nurse vs Robber

Melina remembers what happened to her, so she decides to make a revenge against nurse Eleonore. While she is working on the pc, Melina puts the chloro cloth over her face from behind, wearing a pair of black leather gloves. She drags her to the bed and keeps the cloth until Eleonore passes out.

Melina ties Eleonore with ropes and begins her sadistic domination. She smothers her sitting over her face, then she puts her stinky feet over her nose, forcing her to smell them. She handgags her with black leather gloves and MORE INFO

robber vs nurse



Robber Melina breaks into Eleonore's apartment and begins seeking valuable merchandise. Nurse Eleonore comes back from work and notices something strange in her apartment. There is an intruder!

Eleonore puts on a pair of surgical latex gloves and takes a chloro cloth. She grabs Melina from behind, while she is stealing and puts the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. Melina struggles and tries to escape, but Eleonore presses her gloved hand tightly, making her unconscious.

Melina is a unlucky robber because Eleonore is a sadistic nurse who likes bondage and smother games.

Eleonore wraps Melina on the couch with red tape. MORE INFO

nurse vs robber



Sinn Sage is tied and gagged on the chair. Goddess Dee decides to remove the duct tape from her mouth, but Sinn starts to scream, so Dee shuts her with a hand over mouth, covered by a pair of long black leather gloves.

Goddess Dee has a lot of fun to hold breath to her slaves. She covers Sinn's nose with other gloved hand, smothering her. The handsmother game continues for almost then minutes.

Dee takes a plastic bag and puts it over Sinn's head, then she handgags her. The plastic bag suffocation scene continues until the end of clip.

mistress of breath



Sadistic Ivy is preparing a new plan to put under hard bondage the next victim: Nyxon.

She slowly breaks into living room, while Nyxon is reading and grabs her from behind. She puts a chloroform rag over her mouth and nose.

Nyxon tries to escape from her, but she is not able to do it. Ivy keeps the cloth until the victim passes out.

Ivy ties Nyxon on a chair. She loves so much holds her victim's breath while she can't move. She practices a hard hand over mouth smother to her.

She thinks this is not enough for Nyxon, so she put a MORE INFO

bondage smother



Gothic Girl Elizabeth has always thought about a dream, since she was child: puts someone into bondage and dominates her/him hard.

She breaks into Gisy's apartment with a chloro cloth and wearing a pair of white surgical gloves. She presses the cloth over Gisy's mouth and nose very firmly until the victim passes out.

Elizabeth ties her with duct tape and waits until she wakes up.

The domination begins: Elizabeth strangles and puts latex gloved hands over Gisy's mouth and nose for a long time. She forces her victim to smell stinky shoes, keeping quiet her with handgag and finally she smothers Gisy MORE INFO

gothic girl fantasies



Another fantastic adventure with Ashley Edmonds and Jenn Dolby.

Jenn is tied on the chair. Mistress Ashley likes so much to smothers her slaves using bare hands to cover mouth and nose.

This time she wants to try a new technique: plastic bag over face. She keeps it over Jenn's head too much time and...

breath torture



Teacher Carla is waiting her new student Patrizia. She wants to dominate her too.

Patrizia knows her perversion, so she decides to anticipate her. She puts on long black leather gloves and puts to sleep the teacher with a chloroform cloth.

Now Carla is tied and gagged on the chair. Student Patrizia can makes a revenge against her.

She controls her breath with a strong handsmother, a plastic bag and strangling her. She forces her to smell stinky bare feet.

After various tortures and humiliations, student Patrizia finishes the game chloroforming the teacher again.

(Italian Audio)

student revenge



The fight between robbers Ashley Edmonds and Jenn Dolby continues...

Ashley is handsmothered by Jenn one time, then handgagged and bagged by her.

Ashley is still conscious, so she make her revenge against Jenn. She dominates her with a great facesitting technique and finishes her covering her mouth and nose with leather gloved hands.

gloved robbers in action



Jamie and Eve are waiting men who have to bring them to a christmas party where they will dance.

While two elegant ladies are talking about the night, Jamie discovers there is only one man who will bring them to the party. He is the Jamie's husband and Eve's lover.

Jamie is very angry with her friend, so Eve keeps her quiet handgagging her with long black leather gloves.

Jamie is still furious and she escapes from her gloved handgagger. She tries to call her husband at the phone, but this time Eve covers her face with a chloro cloth and keeps it MORE INFO

dancing christmas



Jackie is a maid who works for a very fussy woman called Ivy. She is very tired to work for her, so she decides to make her a lesson.

She puts on a pair of white surgical gloves and puts Ivy to sleep, using a combination of sleeperhold and handsmother techniques.

Now Ivy is tied and gagged on the bed. Maid Jackie can continue her smother revenge desire. She puts her stinky feet, covered with a pair of stocking, over Ivy's face.

Jackie prevents Ivy to breath with a long and hard facesitting. She uses a plastic bag over her head too.

Near the MORE INFO

rebel maid