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Jamie comes back to home. Sahrye, in black catsuit and black leather gloves, grabs her from behind, putting an arm around her neck. She keeps the sleeperhold grip until Jamie passes out.

Sahrye calls her boss. She is a hitwoman who has to kill Jamie. The boss tells her she mustn't use poisons or weapons. Jamie wakes up and starts a fight against the catwoman. They hit their faces each other with several punches. Jamie is stronger than Sahrye, so she falls on the floor. Jamie sits down over her chest and strangles her. She keeps her hands until she faints.


catwoman target



Olivia is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. When she finishes, she goes to the bedroom. When she opens the door, a crazy lesbian called Bella, grabs her from behind and covers her mouth with a gloved hand. Olivia struggles and Bella keeps her handgagged tightly, so Olivia breathes hard under the black glove. When Olivia is weaker, Bella puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She keeps it until Olivia faints.

Bella ties up Olivia on the bed. She fondles her limp body, touches her pussy and her breasts. Olivia wakes up and Bella chloroforms her again.

Bella likes MORE INFO

molested by a lesbian 2



Cadence goes to Jamie's studio. She is a psychoanalyst. Cadence has some memories about a lesbian woman in balaclava and black leather gloves who plays with her body. She doesn't recognize if these memories are dreams or reality.

Jamie asks her if she can explain each memory. Cadence remembers the woman played with her three times. The first time she fondled her body, keeping her handgagged. The second time she could not breath, because the gloved hand was covering her nose too. The third time she put her to sleep, using a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose.

The psychoanalyst tells MORE INFO




Reily suffers from Insomnia, so she goes to Cali's surgery. Cali knows an alternative method to heal the insomnia. She has to put to sleep the patient with chloroform several times. Before the patient faints, she has to hold her breath, to be sure the substance takes effect and re-establish the normal sleep cycle.

Cali ties up Reily on the bed, because the chloroform has a strong smell and Reily could remove the cloth from her mouth. In this case, the therapy would have no effect.

Cali pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over Reily's mouth. Reily makes muffled MORE INFO

sleep therapy



Cadence is a thief in stocking mask and driving leather gloves who breaks into Cali's apartment. She searches for jewels and valuables.

Cali comes back to home. Cadence points the gun to her. She is lesbian and thinks Cali is an attractive woman. She orders her to strip herself, leaving only the underwear and nylon stockings.

Cadence touches and fondles Cali's breasts with a gloved hand. She keeps her handgagged with other one, so Cali can't scream. After playing with Cali's breasts, Cadence pinches her nose, handsmothering her. She holds her breath for long time, so Cali passes out.

The lesbian thief loves MORE INFO

merciless thief 2



The slave is tied to the chair with handcuffs. He is sleeping. Lunakya pinches his nose and covers his mouth. He wakes up.

Lunakya begins a sadistic domination against her poor slave. She slaps his face several times and prevents him to talk, keeping him quiet with tight handgag action. She holds his breath too, combining handgag, handsmother and slapping domination.

The mistress puts on a pair of black lycra gloves. She continues her cruel game with gloves on. The slave can't breath under her gloved hands. She takes a nylon bag and puts it over his head. She keeps it tight, MORE INFO

hands gloves slave 4



Lunakya is writing a letter, when a woman in mask and black leather gloves appears behind her. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Lunakya makes muffled screams and tries to remove the gloved hand from her mouth. The woman has a strong grip and keeps the cloth until Lunakya faints.

The woman is Soraya. She strips Lunakya and starts fondling her naked body with leather gloves on. She squeezes and kisses her breasts.

When Lunakya wakes up, Soraya puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose again, keeping it until Lunakya passes out. Soraya continues her lesbian MORE INFO

lunakya in trouble



Eva goes to Stella's studio. She is looking for a document of Mr. Bianchi. While Stella is searching in the archive, Eva puts on a pair of black leather gloves. Then she takes the chloroform and pours it on a cloth. When Stella comes back, she tells she didn't find the document. She notices Eva in black leather gloves holding a cloth and tries to go away. Eva grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She keeps it until Stella faints.

Stella is tied up on the chair. Eva pinches her nose and she MORE INFO

stealing informations 3



Elsa is a nurse. She is coming back to home, when Jacquelyn, a villainess in leather, grabs her from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Jacquelyn keeps her sleeperhold grip until Elsa passes out.

Elsa wakes up. She puts on her pair of white surgical gloves and pours the chloroform on a cloth. Jacquelyn comes back to the room and Elsa grabs her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with the chloro cloth. Jacquelyn breaths the substance and faints.

The nurse take a phone and calls for help. She has no time to start the conversation, because Jacquelyn MORE INFO

nurse and villainess



Janelle is a sensory who works for a company of heroes. She calls the leader of the company because she feels someone is hunting her.

Supervillainess Obscura breaks into the studio. She immobilizes Janelle with a special lights and sounds power. She can release an invisible soporific gas from her gloved hands, so she handgags Janelle. The agent is forced to breath the gas. Obscura keeps her gloved hand until Janelle faints.

Janelle wakes up. She is on the floor, still immobile, because the power of Obscura held her body. The supervillainess starts playing with her. She smothers her with several facesitting MORE INFO

toxic power