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A Hot Game (Full Version)

Emma and Liz both receive a text message from their friend Claudia, who invites them to a special party, where they will be caught to play lesbian games each other. They accept, having a particular interest each other.

Emma reaches the house. A man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. While she tries to talk, He explains he agrees with Claudia and that the game is beginning. He then puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, keeping it until she passes out. The same thing then happens to Liz, so she is handgagged and chloroformed by the mysterious man too.

The two friends wakes up on the bed. The man explains them he is there on behalf of Claudia and they have to play the game she had written to them about. He will explains them what they have to do.

He gives the leather outfit to Liz and she slowly puts on it. She has to keep her friend quiet, giving her pleasure at the same time. Liz puts a bare hand over Emma's mouth and nose. Then she puts two fingers inside her pussy and starts fucking her with them. Emma moans under Liz's hand, enjoying it. Liz continues handsmothering and fucking her for some minutes, then she puts on a pair of black leather gloves, takes a vibrator and starts masturbating Emma with it, always keeping her quite at the same time. Emma tries to talk and breathes with difficulty, but she always enjoys the moment.

The man tells to Liz she knows what she has to do, so she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Emma's mouth and nose, keeping it until she passes out.

Now the two women have to reverse their roles. Liz has to strip herself, keeping only the pants, while Emma has to wear another leather outfit. When Emma has finished to put on all clothes, gloves included, the game resumes and she has the dominant role now.

Always keeping Liz handgagged and sometimes handsmothering her, Emma gropes her breasts and plays with her nipples. Liz moans and tries to talk, feeling pleasure. She eases her into doggy-style position and repeatedly spanks her ass. She sits over her face with her full weight, keeping the ass over the mouth and nose and repeatedly smothering her with it and the pussy. Liz can't say a word and keeps the eyes wide open.

The man tells to Emma she knows what she has to do and she willingly obeys. She sits over Liz and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and pinches the nose with the other one, handsmothering her. This time, she continues holding her breath without mercy and having fun to see the poor woman gasping for air. She removes the hands only at the end.

The man and Emma are happy to have gotten rid of the fake friend and they are ready to have sex, but the man, when he is behind her, puts a rope around her neck and starts strangling her. She struggles and tries to remove the rope, in vain. While she keeps her eyes wide open and gasps for air, he explains Claudia knew nothing about the game and he was the creator. He continues strangling the woman until the end.

Models: Emma Taco Deluxe, Liz Rainbow
Time 50:10
Size 3871 MB
Format MP4

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