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Another Thief Catfight

After getting Eva out of the way, Bianca now is free to search some documents. She doesn't know that Alba, another thief, is there and she is looking for the same documents.

Alba grabs Bianca from behind and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Bianca struggles and makes muffled screams. Alba keeps her handgagged for a couple of minutes, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Bianca struggles and kicks again before passing out.

Alba tries to search the documents, but Bianca is still awake and attacks her from behind. The two thieves starts fighting and Bianca proves to be the stronger. She grabs Alba's arms and Alba starts kicking and struggling to break free. The she throws her on the floor and puts her legs around her neck, making a tight scissorhold grip. At the same time she keeps her quiet with both gloved hands over her mouth.

Bianca sits over Alba's chest. Then she puts a gloved hand around her neck and the other one over her mouth and nose. She continues smothering her until she passes out. Alba however is smart and she only pretended to be fallen asleep. She reacts by still fighting against Bianca, then she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. Bianca struggles, but already weakened by the fight, she passes out.


Another Thief (Full Version)

Another Thief (Hand Over Mouth And Strangling Part)

Models: Alba, Bianca
Time 26:52
Size 1946 MB
Format MP4

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