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After getting Eva out of the way, Bianca now is free to search some documents. She doesn't know that Alba, another thief, is there and she is looking for the same documents.

Alba grabs Bianca frome behind and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Bianca struggles and makes muffled screams. Alba keeps her handgagged for a couple of minutes, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Bianca struggles and kicks again before passing out.

Bianca now is tied up and gagged to the same pole she had tied Eva in the previous video. Alba can play with her without any difficulty. She hits her belly with punches. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her. She strangles and handsmothers her at the same time and sometimes she strangles her with both gloved hands. She has fun to play all these kinds of games, while the poor Bianca can't do anything.

Alba takes a belt and ties it around Bianca's neck. Then she pulls it, strangling her. Bianca gasps for air, keeping her eyes wide open. Alba grabs the belt tight with the gloved hands and and her face shows aggressiveness. She continues this sadistic game until the end.


Another Thief (Full Version)

Another Thief (Catfight Part)

Models: Alba, Bianca
Time 23:52
Size 1731 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €13.99