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Samantha has the task of eliminating Eleonore, so she breaks into her apartment, in leather outfit and holding a gun. When she understands the target is not at home, she sits on the couch and waits.

Eleonore comes back to home and Samantha points the gun to her, ordering her to approach to the couch and kneel down. She pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn't shoot. Eleonore takes advantage and starts fighting against the hitwoman. Samantha throws her on the floor and puts the gloved hands tight over her neck, strangling her. Eleonore tries to get up, but Samantha tramples her chest with a boot and orders her to stay down. Then she sits over her and continues strangling her.

Eleonore reacts and starts fight against the hitwoman again. She puts an arm around her neck, then she uses the legs to squeezes her neck, with a tight headscissors grip. Samantha is in trouble, so she tries to take the gun with a gloved hand, but Eleonore pulls her back to the couch and puts an arm around her neck again. She keeps it until she passes out and falls to the floor.

Eleonore ties up Samantha's wrists with a rope. Then, when she wakes up, she points the gun to her. Now Eleonore can play as she wants, so she makes her sit on the chair and spanks her legs. Then she makes her crouch on the ground and spanks her ass. Finally she ties her arms on the table and leaves the room. Samantha, when she is alone, tries to take the gun over the table with the feet, covered by leather boots.

Eleonore comes back and Samantha grabs her from behind, putting an arm around her neck. She drags her to a chair, sits over her and strangles her with gloved hands again. This time she continues doing it without mercy until the end.

Models: Samantha, Eleonore
Time 38:33
Size 2970 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €18.99