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Cruel Older Step Sister (Full Version)

Samantha and Lilith are two step sisters. They meet at home to discuss the will. Samantha, however, is sadistic and selfish. Her aim is killing Lilith to inherit the estate.

Samantha pours the chloroform on a cloth, then puts the cloth over Lilith's mouth and nose. Lilith struggles, kicks and makes muffled screams. Samantha keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Lilith finds herself on the bed, in underwear. Samantha ties her up with ropes, puts a stuff inside her mouth and gags her with the tape around the head. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves and takes the tape to blindfold the younger step sister. She puts the pantyhose over her head too.

Now Lilith can't move, talk and see anything, so the sadistic older sister starts playing with her. She has fun to spank her ass with gloved hands and tickling her bare feet. She continues in this way for several minutes, then she takes off pantyhose, gag and blindfold from her face and puts her to sleep with chloroform again.

Lilith wakes up and Samantha is still near her, ready to play the next sadistic game. Keeping the black leather gloves on, she puts an arm around her neck before, then both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, smothering her. She continues this kind of domination for several minutes, always smothering the poor younger step sister with the hands over the mouth and nose or around the neck. After this, she decides to put her to sleep for the third time with the chloroform.

Samantha decides that it is time to finish the step sister, so she takes a rope and puts it around her neck. She pulls it tight, strangling her without mercy. Lilith gasps for air and keeps the eyes and mouth wide open. Samantha stops strangling her only at the end. 

Models: Samantha J, Lilith
Time 41:16
Size 3185 MB
Format MP4

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