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Daphne and Xena are two hitwomen, full dressed in leather, who break into Lauretta's home. They look around, to make sure she hasn't arrived yet.

Lauretta enters the living room. Xena holds her arms, while Daphne, staying behind her, puts both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her. The tenants struggles and Xena kicks and punches her stomach.

After some minutes, Daphne let Lauretta breathe, but takes a bottle and a rag. She pours the chloroform on the rag and puts it over her mouth and nose. Lauretta struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

The three women are in the bedroom now. Daphne and Xena ties Lauretta up with a rope, in a hogtie position. They spank her ass and tickle her feet. She screams, so Daphne puts a rag inside her mouth and the tape around it, to prevent her to talk. Xena then wraps the tape around her eyes, blindfolding her. Now the poor tenant can't move, talk and see anything, so the hitwomen can act undisturbed. They continue spanking her ass and tickling her feet for several minutes, while she struggles and moans.

Xena decide to remove the gag and the blindfold from Lauretta's face, but she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Lauretta, who is still weak, can only breathe the substance, keeping the eyes wide open. She passes out.

The hitwomen tie Lauretta up in a different way and start a second kind of domination. Daphne puts a gloved hand over her mouth and pinches her nose with the other one, handsmothering her. This is only the begin. Xena and Daphne are very sadistic and continue playing with the tenant, strangling and handsmothering her in different positions. They have fun and laugh when they do it. Lauretta can't react, she can only keep the eyes wide open when they handsmother her.

The hitwomen decide to finish the game in the best way, putting a plastic bag over Lauretta's head. They pull it, to be sure she can't breath inside. The tenant gasps for air, kicks and tries to remove the bag, but she can't do anything, because she is tied up. Daphne and Xena have fun to keep the bag until the end. 

Models: Daphne, Xena, Lauretta
Time 40:29
Size 3123 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €18.99