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Lesbian Hitwoman In Leather

Candy and Grace are members of the same gang. Grace is not doing her duties and the organization is unhappy with her, so they decide to eliminate her, leaving the job to Candy.

Candy gets the call from the organization. She puts on the leather outfit with strapon inside the leather pants, the leather gloves and finally ties the hair and puts the balaclava over her head. She goes to Grace's apartment where she is getting for another mission. They start fighting and continue for some minutes. Candy manages to prevail by punching Grace in the face and knocking out her. She takes off the mask from her face and drags her to the bedroom.

When they are over the bed, Candy strips Grace and starts fingering her pussy. Grace wakes up, now harmless and Candy decides to play with her before completing her assignment. She penetrates her with the strapon and starts fucking her, in a missionary position. Grace seems to like this, because she moans when Candy moves the pelvis up and down.

Candy continues fucking Grace, in the doggy style position and sometimes spanking her. She alternate this position with the missionary one for several minutes, groping her breasts, keeping her handgagged or strangling her with gloved hands at the same time.

Candy decised to finish Grace. She takes a rope and ties it around her neck. Then she pulls it, strangling her without mercy. Grace struggles, fights and kicks, gasping for air and keeping the eyes wide open. Candy continues for some minutes, when Grace begins to emit spasms. This is the end for her.

Models: Candy, Grace
Time 26:28
Size 2038 MB
Format MP4

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