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Rey Unlucky Robber 2

Rey is a thief who enters Lady Maat's house to steal. Lady Maat, however, is a sadistic lesbian who had received some informations regarding the possible intrusion and prepares to welcome it, dressing in leather. When Rey reaches the living room, Maat grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her face and waits until the poor robber passes out.

Rey is in underwear now and Lady Maat is tying her up with ropes. She decides to give her a punishment for breaking into her house and being sadistic and lesbian, she also finds pleasure in it. She drags her on the couch and gropes her breasts with leather gloves on. At the same time, she handgags, handsmothers and strangles her.

Not yet satisfied, Maat spanks Rey's ass several times and keeps her handgagged at the same time. She puts a cleavegag in her mouth, a blindfold over her eyes and black pantyhose over her head. She finds so much fun in doing it and continues playing with the poor robber, become her toy now.

Lady Maat decides to stop the sadistic game and puts Rey to sleep with chloroform for the second time. Then she calls Sharin at the phone. Sharin is her friend and a sadistic lesbian like her. She proposes to give Rey to her, so she can play with her for a while too. Sharin is very excited about this and agrees.

The scene shifts to Sharin's bedroom after some hours, where Rey is still sleeping. She wakes up and Sharin puts her to sleep with the chloroform. Then she plays with her limp body.

Rey wakes up again, after Sharin spanks her. This is even more sadistic than Maat and plays with Rey without the need to tie her. She gropes her breasts, handsmothers and strangles her without mercy. Rey tries to escape from the bedroom, but every time she reaches out and takes her back. Sharin pushes Rey against the wall and the door, handsmothering and lifting her body at the same time. She continues the strangling, handsmothering and spanking action for several minutes, until she gets tired and decides to put Rey to sleep with chloroform before the final game.

Sharin sits over Rey body and puts a clear plastic bag over her head. Then she pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. Rey struggles, kicks and gasps for air, but can't do nothing to stop the stronger lesbian woman. Sharin kisses and licks the face of her victim over the bag and continues suffocating her until the end.

Models: Lady Maat, Sharin, Rey
Time 52:47
Size 4076 MB
Format MP4

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