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The Intruder 2 Episode 1

Charlotte just did a shower and sits on the couch. A man in balaclava and leather gloves appears behind her and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and tries to escape, but she stumbles and he can grabs her again, keeping the cloth over her mouth tight and groping her breasts and pussy. She struggles and makes muffled screams again, before passing out.

Charlotte wakes up. Now she is tied up on the chair. The man comes back, gropes her breasts and keeps her handgagged. Then he puts her knickers inside her mouth and gags her with the duct tape.

He takes off a glove and starts fingering and fucking her pussy. Charlotte moans inside the gag. Initially scared, now she finds the game of the misterious man quite exciting. He continues moving up and down his fingers inside her wet pussy and he has fun to hear her muffled moans. Sometimes he gropes her breasts, squeezes her nipples and handsmothers her. He continues his kinky game for several minutes, so Charlotte reaches the orgasm many times.

The man takes the duct tape and puts another piece over her nose, sticking it well over it, to be sure she can't breath. Then he continues fondling the body of the poor woman, while she gasps for air and keeps her eyes wide open. His sadistic game continues until the end.


The Intruder 2 (Full Version)

The Intruder 2 (Episode 2)

Models: Charlotte Angie
Time 22:55
Size 1659 MB
Format MP4

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