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The Intruder 2 Episode 2

Charlotte manages to untie, but when she is leaving the room, the man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind and keeps her quiet with a tight handgag. At the same time he gropes her breasts.

Charlotte struggles and makes muffled screams. He tells her he want to see her fingering herself and handsmothers her for some seconds, to let her know what he will do if she doesn't do it.

Charlotte starts masturbating herself, putting the fingers inside her pussy and moving them up and down. At the same time, the man keeps her handgagged and gropes her breasts. She continues the finger fucking action for several minutes and enjoys it. Sometimes the man holds her breath with tight handsmother grips and spanks her.

The man tells to Charlotte that if she makes him happy, he will let her go. They sits on the couch and he takes off his pants. She starts jerking him off, while he squeezes her breasts. Then he keeps her handgagged again, while she continues the handjob action for some minutes.

He lies over her with his gloved hand over her mouth. She jerks him off until he cums over her chest. Now she thinks he will let her go, but this is not the end. He takes a rope and ties it around her neck. Then he pulls it, strangling her without mercy. Charlotte struggles and tries to remove the rope around her neck, keeping her eyes wide open. He continues strangling her until the end.


The Intruder 2 (Full Version)

The Intruder 2 (Episode 1)

Models: Charlotte Angie
Time 18:48
Size 1362 MB
Format MP4

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