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The Intruder 3 (Full Version)

Red is sleeping on the bed, when a gloved hand pushes a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She wakes up and struggles, making muffled screams. The gloved hand keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Red wakes up, tied up with duct tape, gagged, blindfolded and with the head covered by nylon pantyhose. She can't move and go anywhere, so she struggles a little and makes muffled screams. The gloved hand touches her body and gropes her breasts. Then the poor woman is chloroformed again.

Now we can see the masked man who keep her in bondage. He puts a gloved hand over her mouth and starts groping her big breasts and squeezing her nipples. Sometimes he slaps her breasts and has fun to hold her breathe with tight handsmother grips. She can only try to talk under his gloved hand, making incomprehensible words. The man is very sadistic and he has fun to push her to the wall and keep her handgagged, while she looks at him with the eyes wide open.

The man drags her to the bed. Keeping her always handgagged, he puts a hand over her pussy and starts fucking her with his fingers. Altough a bit scared, Red enjoys undergoing certain sadistic games, so her pussy gets wet and she reaches the orgasm many times. The man instead has fun to hear her muffled moans under his gloved hand, so he keeps it tight, covering her nose too. After a long sexual domination, he spanks her big ass.

The masked man lays down on her and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. When she realizes he is keeping it for too long time, she starts struggling and kicking, very scared. The man has no mercy and continues handsmothering her for some minutes, until she passes out.

This is not the end. Red is still alive so he suffocates her again, this time using a clear plastic bag over her head and keeping it tight until she passes out for the second time. Then he ties a rope around her neck and starts strangling her. without mercy. She gasps for air, keeping her eyes and mouth wide open, while he pulls her head to strangle her in a very hard way until the end.

Models: Red Poison
Time 55:05
Size 3994 MB
Format MP4

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