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The wicked wife Bianca continues her hard domination against her husband Gianluca. After a long foot smelling/smother action, she sits over his chest and puts her both hands over his mouth and nose, smothering him. She pushes her hands tight and sometimes she pinches his nose with one of them, handsmothering him without mercy.

She grabs him from behind and handsmothers him again. She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. She continues smothering him in this way, keeping him handgagged too.

Bianca puts on a pair of black leather gloves and pushes the hand over Gianluca's mouth MORE INFO

wicked wife uses her hands



Agent Giorgia just finished Gaia, the woman of the criminal couple and now she is looking for Gianluca, the man. He anticipates her and grabs her from behind. He puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to escape, but he keeps the cloth until she passes out. Then he lifts and carries her on his shoulder.

Giorgia wakes up. She is naked, tied up and gagged on the chair. Gianluca comes back and starts playing with her, to avenge his girlfriend Gaia. He has fun squeezing her nipples and groping her breasts. She makes muffled MORE INFO

captured by the villain



Lilian comes back to home. A misterious intruder in balaclava slowly walks towards her and grabs her from behind. He puts a clear plastic bag around her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. Lilian struggles and tries to escape from the insane man, who keeps the bag tight without mercy. He continues until she passes out.

Now Lilian is on the couch. He sits astride over her and puts a hand over her mouth. She struggles again and makes muffled screams. He pinches her nose with the other hand and continues this sadistic and kinky game for MORE INFO

taking her breath



Agent Giorgia is tied up and gagged on the chair. She slowly removes the tape from her body and waits, hidden behind the door.

Gaia comes back and Giorgia grabs her from behind, putting a hand over her mouth and nose. Gaia throws her on the floor and pushes her ass over her face, smothering her with a full weight facesitting. Then she squeezes her neck with both legs, making a strong scissorhold grip.

Giorgia fights back and sitting astride Gaia, she puts her hand around her neck and strangles her. Then she keeps a hand around the neck and puts a MORE INFO

agent and villainess 2



Gianluca comes back to home. Lilian, the possessed woman who previously broke into Eva's house and smothered her, now decides to play with him. She grabs him from behind and puts a chloro cloth over his mouth and nose. He struggles and fight against her, but the possession makes her stronger, so she keeps the cloth until he faints.

Lilian ties up the poor man on the chair. When he wakes up, she keeps him quiet by putting her gloved hand over his mouth. She has fun to see him trying to talk under the leather gloves, so she makes the MORE INFO

damned woman attacks again



The boss Gianluca is satisfied of the performance of the hitwoman Marlena and he thinks a woman like her has always wear a pair of gloves during a task.

Marlena decides to play with him again and puts a pair of white surgical gloves. She puts her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose and pushes them very tightly, so he can't breathe. She smothers him in different ways, like sitting astride over his chest and from behind. She continues the handsmother action for several minutes and this makes the boss very proud to has hired her.

Marlena doesn't want working MORE INFO

the boss episode 3



Scarlet, the lesbian mad doctor who broke into Liz's home and played with her, comes to know there is a lesbian woman who lives near her, Janelle. She decides to play with her too.

Janelle just finished doing a bath and she is using a towel. Scarlet, in surgical mask and gloves, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Janelle starts struggling, but Scarlet keeps the hand tight, gropes her large breasts and fingers her pussy. Janelle finds this game pleasant, so Scarlet drags her to the bedroom.

Scarlet takes a dildo and penetrates Janelle's MORE INFO

lesbian doctor new game



Lilian is a woman possessed by an unknown fetishist demonic entity, who breaks into houses and plays with their roomers.

She is inside Eva's bedroom and wears black leather gloves and black leather boots. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and tries to escape, but she keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Now Lilian can play with her and starts handsmothering her with leather gloves on. She uses different positions and fights against her. She always has the upper hand, because Eva is weak, after she chloroformed her. She puts a gloved hand over MORE INFO

damned woman



Bianca is talking at the phone with her friend. Luna appears behind her, wearing a surgical mask and a pair of surgical white gloves. She puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and keeps them tight. Bianca struggles, kicks and tries to remove them. Luna takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth, keeping it with both hands. Bianca makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Bianca wakes up, bound and gagged on the bed with duct tape. She struggles and makes muffled screams, so Luna comes back. She sits astride over her chest and starts handsmothering her with MORE INFO

hypochondriac mad woman



Luisa is a doctor who is working in her studio. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, she must wear surgical mask and nitrile gloves.

Patient Ale enters in the studio, without gloves and mask. She reproaches him for this and decides to give him a hard lesson.

She ties up him to the chair with ropes and takes off his pants. She keeps him handgagged with her gloves on and at the same time she starts giving him a handjob. She continues this pleasant and sadistic game for several minutes. Sometimes she pinches his nose too, handsmothering him. She handsmothers him with MORE INFO

lesson against covid